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          Congratulations to the team at BACKWOODS BURGER in Tyne Valley for creating PEI Burger Love’s Most Loved Burger 2022! Your hard work was noted in each delicious bite!
          MAD HATTER: 6 oz Island Beef Patty, American Cheese, Shredduce, Red Onion, Pickles, Sticky Garlic Curly Fries, Spinach Dip, and Buffalo Sauce on a Toasted and Buttered Brioche Bun, topped with a Space Treats Freeze Dried Candy Topper.

          As we celebrate the wrap up of year 12 of PEI Burger Love, we want to say thank you for your continued support of participating restaurants and their hard-working crews, Island farmers, food producers, and suppliers. We truly appreciate every single Burger Love fan who went out and enjoyed a Burger Love creation this past May! We also we want to give thanks to our partners and sponsors for their ongoing support of PEI Burger Love.

          Plus, a big cheers to all the Give Back Burger restaurants that gave back to Anderson House with each burger they sold throughout the campaign. We know every dollar raised will help continue Anderson House's important work.